Eventlogger Update

Ich hatte ja hier mal einen Eventlogger geschrieben. Diesen habe ich jetzt erweitert. Es werden folgende Eigenschaften gespeichert:

  • Uhrzeit
  • Eventname
  • Eventparameter (falls vorhanden)

Es ist auch eine Blacklist vorhanden, da diese Events immer gefeuert werden bzw. wenn EPLAN im Idle-Modus ist.


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  1. Hello.
    You’re doing a good job with EPLAN. I started to write simple programs myself, but I came across a problem. Maybe you will be able to help me. I want read (for example) “Zusatzfeld [1] <11901 1>” from selected page and  save value to TXT file. Saving to TXT is easy but how to declare the variable responsible for “Zusatzfeld [1] <11901 1>”. Thanks for any replay.

  2. Create a label scheme and replace the value of the property in the xml file. Then import the scheme and execute label. Here is an example for project properties.

  3. Hello, once again. I have one more question. Is there a possibility to read (using API of course) value from text field in specific coordinates (X, Y) ? Maybe using “PointD” (we can create using PoinD but do we can get value in this same way) ? I will be grateful for your response. Peace.

  4. You can use the API to check the location of a placement. If its the location you search for, you have your text.

  5. Hello. I’m sorry to bother you, but from i can see you are the best in API Eplan. Firstly i want to say ‘thank you’ for your support. Maybe also this time you be able to help me.

    SelectionSet set = new SelectionSet();
    Project oProj = set.GetCurrentProject(true);

    int oDim = oProj.Pages.Length;
    string[] oArray = new string[oDim];

    oArray = oProj.Pages; // Project’s property which return array of Pages placed in project.

    I cant assign oProj.Pages to my array, i making something wrong for sure. But i cant figure out what. This is my first steps in C#. Some tip would be great. Thank again. Take care.

  6. Thanks.

    Your array is of type String… So you could not assign a array of type Page to it.

  7. you said that i need check location to find if there is text, and i make something like this:

    Project oProject = new ProjectManager().GetCurrentProjectWithDialog();
    Page oPage = (Page)set.GetSelectedPages().GetValue(0);
    DMObjectsFinder oFinder = new DMObjectsFinder(oProject);
    Placement[] oObject = oFinder.GetPlacements(null);
    string myText;
    int oObjectCount = oObject.Length;
    for (int a = 0; a < oObjectCount; a++)
                   if ((oObject[a].Location.X) == 200 && (oObject[a].Location.Y) == 164)
                         myText = oObject[a].Name;

    …but it comes out that i can’t find “text object”. Do you have some tips for me ? Thanks.

  8. oh i forgot about one line, should be included

    SelectionSet set = new SelectionSet();


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